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Beautiful eyebrows are an integral part of your appearance. The trend is for eyebrows, or brow shapes, that are as natural as possible, with the right shape and rich colour. Changes in shape, insufficient density, and poor growth can become the reasons for a lousy mood in any woman.

Eyebrow Microblading Melbourne

To solve these problems, a fashionable and modern technique - Eyebrow Microblading, also known as the microblading procedure, has been developed, quickly gaining popularity in the beauty sphere.

Eyebrow Microblading - naturalness, beauty, quality

Microblading is a cosmetological tattooing procedure that imitates hairs on the skin's surface, giving perfect eyebrows. Its distinctive feature from the traditional eyebrow tattoo technique is that the brow artist performs it manually without using a tattooing machine during the entire process.

The microblading process is performed with the use of special thin blades-blades. During the microblading sessions, they make micro incisions where the tattoo pigment is introduced. This ensures the duration of the effect of microblading for at least 1.5 years. This nano-procedure gives the eyebrows maximum naturalness, naturalness, and neatness.

What do the rates for eyebrow tattoo services depend on?

Firstly, it is the city/region or any other locality.

For example, in Moscow, high-quality microblading will cost about 10 thousand. Of course, you can find salons that will do much cheaper but think that the miser pays twice, and it is better not to go to a cosmetic tattoo artist who is not experienced enough in this case.

The next factor affecting the average cost is experience.

If the Brow Tattooist starts his activity, it is much more critical for him to gain clients than earn a fortune. Usually, the cost of such a master's is less than the average by about half, but going to beginners should be cautious; as a person is just learning, he cannot vouch for the ideal result during the Initial appointment.

The third factor is equipment and materials.

Generally, a microblading kit usually includes two components - a hand tool and pigment. Of course, it all comes from different manufacturers and of varying quality. And this also depends on the price of the procedure. Before sitting in the chair with the master for the microblading process, ask what kind of pigment he uses, and if possible, read the information about it online to check the quality.

Another critical factor is the place where the procedure is performed.

It can be a luxurious salon, a small studio or a brow artist's flat. Here, too, you need to consider that rent costs a lot of money, so working in a salon will always be much more expensive than the reception at home.

And the last but most important factor is the technique.

It can be shadow and hair. The latter looks much more natural. Therefore, it is superior in cost to the other. Sometimes masters can offer a mixed technique; it will certainly not be invisible, but it looks beautiful.

Before paying money for a future procedure, check all the available information about the brow artist. Ask to show his works portfolio, and look carefully to see if you like this result during your Initial appointment.

How to choose a microblading master?

The qualification and experience of a specialist guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result. When choosing a specialist, you should, first of all, pay attention to the following:


Study the page of the brow artist on "Instagram (Social network is recognised as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation)" or photos of his work on the salon's website. It is good if the portfolio has photos of healed eyebrows a long time after microblading. The face on the image should be positioned evenly in the frame - both eyes. Professionals say that the actual result of the procedure can be assessed only when a person is standing, not lying down, so look for such photos in the portfolio of the brow artist.


Many people choose a brow artist on recommendations, which is a good way. You can read reviews on the Internet, but seeing the result of the eyebrow tattoo services on the face of a girl you know is ideal. However, remember that microblading can look different - here is a significant role of individual characteristics.

Melbourne Eyebrow Microblading

diplomas and certificates

Of course, where the specialist was trained and what techniques he possesses are very important.

cost of service

You should be wary of too low an average cost; quality microblading cannot be cheap.

compliance with sanitary norms

This is, of course, a prerequisite for an excellent cosmetic tattoo artist. When you come to the procedure, pay attention to whether the office is kept clean, and ask the specialist to tell (or show) how the tools are sterilised.