Cosmetic tattooing lips

Cosmetic lip tattoos are suitable for individuals looking to enhance their lips for a fuller and more youthful appearance without relying on lip fillers. This treatment can address shape and colour correction, aging effects, cold sores, fillers, and sun damage.

Cosmetic Tattooing Lips

 About getting a lip tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing lips, also called permanent makeup, can help enhance lip colour and definition for women looking to improve their appearance. Over time, lips can lose fullness and colour, so a permanent or semi-permanent lip tattoo can provide a solution for cosmetic enhancement.

Permanent lip tattooing can enhance the size and shape of the lips, providing a more effective and longer-lasting result than lip augmentation with dermal fillers. It can also create a beautiful contour for those who choose to get injectables, serving as guidelines for the injector.

Lip tattooing has benefits

 Permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattooing lips that can alter the size and shape of the lips, creating a fuller appearance and adding colour to correct any unevenness. This treatment can prevent lipstick from bleeding into the skin and restore the natural pigment of the lip line, which may have been lost due to sun damage.

A lip contour and shape tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that involves altering the appearance of the lip line to create the desired lip shape. The pigment is blended into the body of the lip to achieve a natural and gradual tone of colour.

The Glamour or Full Lip Tattoo procedure is commonly recommended for clients seeking a natural and practical look. The entire pigment is blended into the lip, creating a seamless finish with no colour graduation. This procedure is ideal for reconstructing lip shape and adding a natural or "lipstick look" colour.

A lip lip-blush tattoo is a procedure that adds a hint of colour to the lips where there is no defined line of pigment on the lip line. It provides a natural look and suits those satisfied with their lip size and shape.

Lipstick can be worn over a tattooed lip colour, whether it is a lighter or darker shade. The tattooed base colour will help the lipstick last for several hours without the need for frequent reapplication.

Clients with asymmetrical lips can enhance and create symmetry in their lip shape. If necessary, a new lip shape can be made by using a lip liner during a simulation process with the technician, always ensuring client approval before proceeding with tattooing.

We have a wide range of pigments for you to choose from. After your lips have healed, we can adjust the colour during the perfecting session if needed. You are not limited to a specific colour. Feel free to bring your favourite lipstick shade if you have one in mind.



  • Avoid taking blood thinners, fish oil, vitamin E, caffeine, or alcohol for 24 hours.
  • It is recommended to avoid any eyebrow grooming methods such as tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, shaving, threading, or tinting one week before the procedure.
  • Refrain from receiving facials, IPL, Laser, botox, or fillers for two weeks.
  • Please inform the therapist of any allergies you may have. Schedule a free consultation and patch test.
  • To prevent cold sores when getting a lip tattoo, take LYSINE tablets for three days.

Tattooing Lips Cosmetic

Post care


  • Avoid consuming hot or citrusy drinks, as well as spicy food, for the next 4 hours.
  • After the treatment, it is expected to experience some pain and swelling. To alleviate these symptoms, apply a cold compress when you return home.
  • To prevent cold sores, it is recommended to use Paw Paw or Bepanthan Cream to keep the area moist, take Lysine tablets, apply Zovirax Cream, and use ice to alleviate symptoms.
  • Use a damp cotton pad or baby wipes to clean the area between each application.