Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattoo is a semi-permanent procedure where specialized pigment is tattooed into the upper layers of the skin. It can enhance features like eyebrows, lips, eyes, scalp, and more.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyeliner Tattooing

Eyeliner Tattooing enhances the lash line and offers a waterproof alternative to daily eye makeup. The treatment uses semi-permanent pigments that can be adjusted as our eyes age. These pigments are safe for sensitive skin, and the tattoos typically last for a few years before requiring touch-up treatments.

Eyebrow Tattooing

Eyebrow tattooing can be done through microblading, hair stroke, or "feather touch" using a small blade or fine needle to create a natural look. Ombré or powdered eyebrows are achieved with a tattoo machine for a darker, makeup-like finish. A combination of both styles, 3D or Combo brows, is also offered. Eyebrow tattooing typically lasts 1-2 years, allowing for shape, thickness, and placement adjustments as our faces change with age.

Lip Tattooing

Various lip tattoo treatments are available, ranging from a lipstick shade to a soft rosé hue that can enhance the natural fullness and shape of the lips. This popular method, a full lip stain or lip blush tattoo, can create a subtle enhancement when the right colour is chosen. This treatment's results can last several years before requiring any maintenance.

Is Cosmetic Tattooing Suitable for You?

Cosmetic tattoo treatments offer the convenience of reducing your daily makeup routine by enhancing your features for a fresher look and increased confidence. They are suitable for women aged 18 and above, providing various benefits and applications.


  • It is utilized for various purposes, such as covering alopecia or hair loss and restoring eyebrows or lash lines lost due to chemotherapy or other conditions.
  • This product is ideal for women with allergies to traditional makeup products.
  • This product is suitable for women who are always on the go and have limited time for their makeup routine.
  • This option benefits individuals with difficulty maintaining a steady hand or visual impairments.
  • This product is ideal for women with active lifestyles who participate in activities like exercise or swimming, as it prevents makeup from smudging or disappearing.
  • In many instances, it can be used to correct a prior eyebrow tattoo or conceal scars.
  • This product can help fix sparse or uneven eyebrows, as well as uneven eyeliner and lipstick application.
  • Cosmetic tattooing is a viable option for those seeking long-lasting makeup or increased confidence in their appearance.

Tattoo Cosmetic

Cosmetic tattooing can be safe and comfortable when done by an experienced technician. It is recommended to consult with a professional to determine if you are a suitable candidate for these treatments.