Cosmetic lip tattoo

Cosmetic lip tattoo is a long-lasting solution for enhancing lip shape, volume, and colour, making it a convenient option for those looking to achieve perfect lips.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

Lip tint comes in a wide variety of shades to either complement your natural lip colour or match your preferred lipstick. You can choose a subtle lip blush or a more defined lip contouring look.

Many people desire fuller lips

Many individuals desire fuller and nicer-looking lips. Lip fillers are a popular option, and lip products like lipsticks, lip glosses, and lipliners are essential for many women. Some men also invest in quality lip products. Lip colours can be the finishing touch to a look, and we often associate specific lip colours with celebrities or people we know personally.

One option for improving our appearance is a permanent lip tattoo, which can be aesthetically pleasing in today's advanced treatments.

Getting a lip tattoo is a cosmetic

A permanent lip tattoo is a procedure that involves inserting pigment into your skin with a fine needle and machine. The pigment is built up over multiple sessions. Various treatments are available, such as basic lipliner and lip liner with shading. The choice of treatment depends on personal preferences.

Lip tattoos are alternate names include:


  • Lip blush,
  • Lip blend
  • Feathering
  • Contoured Lips
  • Aquarelle lip tattooing


To find the desired look for tattooed lips, it is recommended to research and look at photos of different versions.

You may have bigger lips than you realize

Your lips may appear slightly more significant than you think due to the lack of pigment in the lip border for some people. An aesthetician tattoo artist can insert pigment to shape and fill the lips. Enhancing the cupid bow can significantly alter the appearance of the lips. When getting a lip tattoo, the focus may be on giving the lips a more defined shape. Some individuals have a prominent cupid bow, while others do not.

 Pigment colour for your lip tattoo

Cosmetic lip tattoo Artists can match colour pigments to achieve the desired shade. Colours may appear more intense initially but fade quickly after healing. Communicate your preferences regarding your artist's cosmetic procedure and ask them to see their previous work for reference.

The outcome of your lip tattoo

The healing process after lip cosmetic tattooing can take 7 to 14 days, depending on how your lips respond. Scabs may form, and the colour may flake off, but a nice colour will remain. Initially, the inserted colour may appear darker than expected, but it will change to the desired colour after the treatment.

Tattoo Cosmetic Lip

Just keep in mind:


  • The healing process for the lips requires time.
  • Initially, the colour will appear darker.
  • Please ensure that you adhere to the aftercare instructions.
  • The treatment may require up to three appointments for completion.
  • Refraining from wearing makeup on your lips during the healing process is recommended.
  • Choose a technician with experience and a successful history.